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119049 Moscow

Russian Federation

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03 January 2012

For the attention of Mr Lauren, Head of HR

ABC Manufacturer

38-40 Station Rd

Crayford, Dartford

Kent DA1 3QG


Dear Mr Lauren,

With reference to the vacancy description No.23/12 on abc.co.uk I would like to apply for the position of Technical Manager.

I am an accomplished engineer with substantial background in Quality Management. My experience includes participation in internal audits that were a part of the BRC certification process.

To help you learn more about my track record, I have enclosed my CV. While it illustrates my experience and training, what it cannot communicate is my dedication to exceeding customers’ expectations through high level quality management. Besides, I am a flexible professional who can easily adapt to changes. For the last two years I have been working as a project manager at a large company that is undergoing a transition from a hierarchical to project– centered management structure, and I have been able to develop efficient professional relationships with my international colleagues, and to motivate them when necessary.

Based on my experience and communication skills, I think I can add significant value to your team. I am available for business trips and/or relocation.

I would be glad to answer all your questions in a personal interview.

Yours sincerely, Your name

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